I am a photo-based artist whose images blend analogue and darkroom processes with contemporary and digital techniques. Although the foundation of my art practice is within the tradition of film and photographic chemistry, I am interested in challenging the limitations of the photograph and exploring the sculptural possibilities of photography.

Elements of my own experience are always the inception for my photographic projects. However, they are not documentations or realistic depictions of my life. Like a child, I use fictions and my imagination to confront, categorize, and conquer troubling aspects of my reality. These fictions, like children’s stories, have an inherent morality to them, one that is representative of the morality with which I approach the world. My physical and mental encounters are therefore critical to my art practice. I often use my body as the vessel through which my meanings are conveyed. For example, in a recent project, my body was 3D scanned, digitally manipulated, and then 3D printed into sandstone to show the fragility of physical selves.

I am the vessel of my own photographic narratives, playing the character and the creator simultaneously.

My practice is often centered around installation and how viewers interact with my photographic objects. The final exhibition materials I use range from 3D-printed sandstone, to expired silver gelatin paper, to adhesive vinyl. The objects themselves are fundamentally photographic, but are presented and experienced like sculptures.