3:00 min digital video



AUGUSTUS juxtaposes moving-images of crossing the Atlantic Ocean from two different times. In 1960, my grandparents, Aldo and Mary Paluzzi, travelled to Abruzzo, Italy for their honeymoon, a place that both of them originated from. Along the way, they travelled throughout Italy, while my grandfather captured it all on 8mm film. In 2014, I decided to recreate this trip. Similar to my first film, Wanderweg (2013), I travelled alone with only a backpack and a camera.

The horizon was visible right round. Beneath the sombre dome of the sky stretched the vast plain of empty sea and immeasurable unarticulated space, weakening our power to measure time [...] This yearning for new distant scenes, this craving for freedom, release, and forgetfulness are impulses towards flight from the daily theatre.
— Death in Venice by Thomas Mann