10_PALUZZI_Neeko_and Juris.jpg

60in x 40in pigment ink on cotton rag


HIS/HIS, a five-year anniversary portrait

Referencing the stereotypical his and hers portraits of heterosexual couples, HIS/HIS is a commentary on how heteronormative family structures are forced onto homosexual couples. “Who is the girl, and who is the boy?” “Who cooks, and who cleans?” “Who is more feminine, and who is more masculine?” Although these questions might be asked in jest, none of these questions work in a same-sex relationship. Not only are these dichotomies homophobic, but they are also misogynistic. There is no female energy nor male energy necessary to balance-out a relationship. Just people who fit together – regardless of gender identity and sexual orientation.

HIS/HIS, a five-year anniversary portrait currently hangs over the fireplace is Neeko Paluzzi’s home with his partner.