60in x 40in pigment ink on cotton rag


KOPA, a ten-year anniversary portrait

My partner and I marked our first decade together in the summer of 2019. I decided to make these portraits to mark the milestone, asking the question, "What if we were the last thing we saw before we died?” In a slightly morbid-yet-beautiful-way, I wanted to create optograms to answer that question.

"Optography is the process of viewing or retrieving an optogram, an image on the retina of the eye. A belief that the eye 'recorded' the last image seen before death was widespread in the late 19th and early 20th centuries." The theory has been debunked.

Rest assured that neither of our eyes were cut out to get these portraits. Though I am sure I would look great with an eye patch.

HIS/HIS, a ten-year anniversary portrait currently hangs in our bedroom.