There are twenty-six cantons (provinces/states) in Switzerland. While filming Wanderweg, Paluzzi decided to visit each of these cantons as "the wanderer." This is an ode to the paintings of Caspar David Friedrich who painted travelling figures with their backs to the audience; this collection of images is titled Holzweg because of Joseph Leo Koerner's description of Friedrich's paintings:

"We know of such roads in real forests, roads which seem to lead somewhere, but which end in the unnavigable. Such paths are paradoxical, since their existence means that someone was already there, yet their abrupt endings make us wonder where their creators have gone. We finally wonder whether they are paths at all. Like Heidegger's Holzwege, they bring us to the threshold of something never seen before. To pursue such paths is to enter the new, although a new with a strange origins in the past." (Koerner, 1985)


Graubüden  (2012)

Graubüden (2012)

Uri  (2012)

Uri (2012)

Zug  (2012)

Zug (2012)

Ticino  (2012)

Ticino (2012)

Aarau  (2012)

Aarau (2012)

Thurgau  (2012)

Thurgau (2012)

Bern   (2012)

Bern (2012)

Solothurn   (2012)

Solothurn (2012)

Fribourg   (2012)

Fribourg (2012)

Appenzeller Innerhoden   (2012)

Appenzeller Innerhoden (2012)

Wallis   (2012)

Wallis (2012)

Appenzeller Ausserrhoden  (2012)

Appenzeller Ausserrhoden (2012)

Geneva   (2012)

Geneva (2012)

Basal Land   (2012)

Basal Land (2012)

Zurich   (2012)

Zurich (2012)

Schwyz   (2012)

Schwyz (2012)

St. Gallen   (2012)

St. Gallen (2012)

Luzern   (2012)

Luzern (2012)

Neuchâtel   (2012)

Neuchâtel (2012)

Jura   (2012)

Jura (2012)

Obwalden   (2012)

Obwalden (2012)

Jura   (2012)

Jura (2012)

Nidwalden   (2012)

Nidwalden (2012)

Glarus   (2012)

Glarus (2012)

Basal Stadt   (2012)

Basal Stadt (2012)

Schaffhausen   (2012)

Schaffhausen (2012)

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