TONES_This Place is a Shelter_Installation_1.jpg

TONES, is an installation that merges musical score with photo-based materials. Tonality is a term used in both music and photography. Duration, pitch, and intensity determine the tone of an individual note, and when these tones are placed in a series, they carry the intended mood of the musical piece. In a photograph, tone is conveyed by the distribution of light and dark within the plane of grains or pixels; an image is considered flat when the tones are mostly grey and contrasty when the tones are evenly split between black and white.

In TONES, the grid of grey rectangles is a visualization of the minimalist composition This Place is a Shelter by Olafur Arnalds. In order to match the tonal range of the piece, Paluzzi uses darkroom equipment as a musical instrument, operating the aperture of the enlarger lens, contrast filters, and the timer to make sound into light.

Each grey rectangle represents a different note in sequence. There are 233 notes in total.