MOON, flattened 1968

MOON, flattened 1968 is a public installation consisting of nine, white triangles displayed in a geometric formation. Each triangle is 3D-etched using images taken during the 1968 Apollo mission to the Moon. The shape of the geometric formation is a mathematical fractal (often called “a dragon curve”) and serves as a representation of our repeated infatuation with the Moon. Much of my art practice challenges the dimensionality and physical limitations of the photographic object. Although my work is photo-based in its origins, the final pieces are not two dimensional; therefore, I am mindful of the installation of my work and how viewers interact with them. If you choose to gently touch the installation, you are quite literally touching the Moon.

MOON, flattened 1968 is funded and made locally with the assistance of the Happening Permanent Art Grant, Cube Gallery, and CNC Ottawa.